DMS 2015 Technical Program




August 30 Sunday

7:00 PM ~ 9:00 PM


(Unless otherwise specified, all conference activities will take place in the Grouse Room on the 34th floor of Hyatt Regency Hotel)




August 31 Monday

7:30 AM ~ 8:10 AM


8:10 AM ~ 8:20 AM

Welcome (Erland Jungert, Angelo Guercio and Shi-Kuo Chang)

8:20 AM ~ 9:00 AM

Keynote by Franklyn Turbak

(Chair: Angela Guercio)

9:00 AM ~ 9:20 AM

Coffee Break

9:20 AM ~ 11:40AM

Session DMS-1

(Chair: Paolo Nesi)

14 Danyang Zhao, Jiangbin Zheng and Jinchang Ren (not presented by author)           

Effective Removal of Artifacts from Views Synthesized using Depth Image Based Rendering (R)                          


23 Matt Benatan and Kia Ng  

Cross-Covariance-Based Features for Speech Classification in Film Audio (R)


4  Ruxiang Wei, Weibin Liu and Weiwei Xing (not presented by author) 
A Symbolic Representation of Motion Capture Data for Behavioral Segmentation (S)


30 Alfredo Cuzzocrea, Enzo Mumolo, Alessandro Moroand, Kazunori Umeda and Gianni Vercelli (not presented by author)           

Shadow Detection in Complex Environments via An Innovative Information Fusion Approach (S)


42 Chaman Sabharwal           

A Complete Classification of Occlusion Observer's Point of View for 3D Qualitative Spatial Reasoning (S)


11:40PM ~ 1:00 PM

Lunch Break

1:00 PM ~ 3:00 PM

Session VLC-1 (Chair: Yuanyuan Cai)

18 Vincenzo Del Fatto, Vincenzo Deufemia, Luca Paolino and Sara Tumiati (not presented by author) 

WiSPY: A Tool for Visual Specification and Verification of Spatial Integrity Constraints (R)


31 Paul Taele and Tracy Hammond   

BopoNoto: An Intelligent Sketch Education Application for Learning Zhuyin Phonetic Script (S)          


50 Gennaro Costagliola, Mattia De Rosa and Vittorio Fuccella        

Fast prototyping of visual languages using local context-based specifications (R)


15 Shaun Shei, Aidan Delaney, Stelios Kapetanakis and Haralambos Mouratidis     

Visually Mapping Requirements Models to Cloud Services (S)


3:00 PM ~ 3:20 PM

Coffee Break

3:20 PM ~ 5:20 PM

Session DET-1 (Chair: Rita Francese)

26 Rosa Lanzilotti, Carmelo Ardito, Maria Francesca Costabile, Antonella De Angeli and Giuseppe Desolda     

Pupils' collaboration around a large display (R)         


12 Vincenzo Del Fatto, Gabriella Dodero and Roberta Lena (not presented) 

Experiencing a New Method in Teaching Databases using Blended eXtreme Apprenticeship (S)   


13 Andrea Minuto, Fabio Pittarello and Anton Nijholt     

A Smart Material Interfaces Learning Experience (R)


28 Ilaria Torre and Gianni Vercelli     

Semantic video annotation for accessible resources in flipped classrooms (S)


34 Pierpaolo Di Bitonto, Enrica Pesare, Teresa Roselli and Veronica Rossano (not presented by author) 

Digitally Enhanced Assessment in Virtual Learning Environments (R)     


5:20 PM ~ 6:50 PM

Session DMS-2 (Chair: Chaman Sabharwal)

24 Paolo Nesi, Gianni Pantaleo and Gianmarco Sanesi   

A Distributed Framework for NLP-Based Keyword and Keyphrase Extraction From Web Pages and Documents (R)


39 Bertha Helena Rodriguez and Jean-Claude Moissinac 

Discovery and registration of components in multimodal systems distributed on the IoT (R)     


44 Ruixue Yin, Weibin Liu and Weiwei Xing (not presented by author)     

Vehicle Type Identification Based on Car Tail Text Information (S)


7:00 PM ~ 9:30 PM

Reception Dinner (all registered attendees are welcome)

(English Bay Room on the 34th Floor of Hyatt Regency Hotel)




September 1 Tuesday

7:30 AM ~ 8:10 AM


8:10 AM ~ 9:20 AM

The Future of Visual Languages and Sentient Systems (Chair: Shi-Kuo Chang)

Panelists: Gennaro Costagliola, Paolo Nesi, Gem Stapleton, Franklyn A Turbak

9:20 AM ~ 9:40 AM

PC meeting (Chair: Angela Guercio)

9:40 AM ~ 10:00 AM

Coffee Break

10:00 AM ~ 11:30 AM

Session VLC-2 (Chair: Nurcan Gecer Ulu)

10 Castellano Giovanna, Fanelli Anna Maria and Torsello Maria Alessandra          

Incremental indexing of objects in pictorial databases (R)                


43 Gennaro Costagliola, Mattia De Rosa and Vittorio Fuccella        

RankFrag: A Machine Learning-Based Technique for Finding Corners in Hand-Drawn Digital Curves (R)                   


33 Nurcan Gecer Ulu and Levent Kara          

Generative Interface Structure Design for Supporting Existing Objects (R)


11:30 AM ~ 1:00 PM

Lunch Break

1:00 PM ~ 2:00 PM

Session DET-2 (Chair: Lanzillotti Rosa)

2 Ciro D'Apice, Claudia Grieco, Luca Liscio and Rossella Piscopo   

Design of an Educational Adventure Game to teach computer security in the working environment (R)


47 Bo-Shi Li, Rita Kuo, Maiga Chang and Kristin Garn        

Reward Points Calculation based on Sequential Pattern Analysis in Educational Mobile App (S)                         


2:00 PM ~ 3:10 PM

Session DMS-3 (Chair: Francesco Colace)

Multimedia data integration and processing for E-Government (R)                         


5 Zhao Li, Wei Lu, Egude Bao and Weiwei Xing         

Learning a Semantic Space by Deep Network for Cross-media Retrieval (R)                     


35 Enrica Pesare, Teresa Roselli and Veronica Rossano 

Intelligent Agent and Virtual Game to support education in e-health (R)     


3:10 PM ~ 3:20 PM

Coffee Break

3:20 PM ~ 4:50 PM

Session DMS-4 (Chair: Erland Jungert)

37 Erland Jungert and Shi-Kuo Chang          

A Surveillance System with SIS Controller for Incident Handling using a Situation-based Recommendations Handbook (R)                   


16 Paolo Nesi, Pierfrancesco Bellini and Ivan Bruno 

Graph Databases Lifecycle Methodology and Tool to Support Index/Store Versioning (R)


52 Guoqiang Cai, Limin Jia, Hui Zhen, Mingming Zheng, Shuai Feng, MengChu Zhou and JiAn Sun

GO-Bayes Method for System Modeling and Safety Analysis (R)


4:50 PM ~ 6:20 PM

Session DMS-5 (Chair: Jennifer Leopold)

21 Xiaohui Zhang, Weibin Liu and Weiwei Xing      

Robust Radial Distortion Estimation Using Good Circular Arcs (R)


1 Yuanyuan Cai, Wei Lu, Xiaoping Che and Kailun Shi       

Differential Evolutionary Algorithm based on Multiple Vector Metrics for Semantic Similarity Assessment in Continuous Vector Space (R)


8 Nathan Eloe and Jennifer Leopold    

PhysQSR: Improving Reasoning in Three Dimensions and Time With Image Processing and Physics (S)


6:20 PM ~ 7:00 PM

Poster/Demo Session with Wine Tasting (Chair: Franklyn Turbak) (Stanley Room on the 34th floor of Hyatt Regency Hotel)

11 Fabio Pittarello      

Testing a Storytelling Tool for Digital Humanities (P)



2 Ciro D'Apice, Claudia Grieco (presenter), Luca Liscio and Rossella Piscopo         

Design of an Educational Adventure Game to teach computer security in the working environment (D)


49  Daniel Riccio, Sonia Caggiano, Maria De Marsico, Riccardo Distasi (presenter) and Michele Nappi      

MOSAIC+: tools to assist virtual restoration (D)

7:30 PM ~ 9:00 PM

Banquet (attendees with regular registration)

(Kirin Restaurant, two blocks from hotel

  1172 Alberni Street Tel: 604-682-8833)



September 2 Wednesday

8:00 AM ~ 8:10 AM


8:10 AM ~ 10:00 AM

Session DMS-6 (Chair: Gennaro Costagliola)

51 Gennaro Costagliola, Vittorio Fuccella and Fernando Antonio Pascuccio   

TEco: an integration model to augment the Web with a trust area for inter-pares interactions (S)


29  Conghuan Ye, Zenggang Xiong, Yaoming Ding, Guangwei Wang, Xuemin Zhang and Fang Xu      

Joint Fingerprinting and Encryption for JPEG Images Sharing in Mobile Social Network (S)


45  Loredana Caruccio, Vincenzo Deufemia and Giuseppe Polese      

An Interaction Mining Approach for Classifying User Intent on the Web (R)


49  Daniel Riccio, Sonia Caggiano, Maria De Marsico, Riccardo Distasi and Michele Nappi      

MOSAIC+: tools to assist virtual restoration (R)


10:00 AM ~ 10:20 AM

Coffee break

10:20 AM ~ 11:30 AM

Session DET-3 (Chair: Fabio Pittarello)

3 Rita Francese, Carmine Gravino, Michele Risi, Giuseppe Scanniello and Genoveffa Tortora    

On the Experience of Using Git-Hub in the Context of an Academic Course for the Development of Apps for Smart Devices (R)


6 Mauro Coccoli, Paolo Maresca, Lidia Stanganelli and Angela Guercio       

Teaching Computer Programming in a Platform as a Service Environment (S)


11:30 AM ~ 11:45 AM

Best paper awards and Closing Ceremony (Erland Jungert, Angelo Guercio, Rita Francese and Gem Stapleton)

11:45 AM ~ 12:00 PM

Cocktail Party







* (R) indicates a regular paper. (S) indicates a short paper. (P) indicates a poster and (D) a demo, which is not a refereed paper.


* Regular paper has twenty-five minutes for presentation and short paper has twenty minutes for presentation, followed by a few minutes for Q&A.


* If a session needs more time for presentation and Q&A, the session chair can extend the session a few more minutes and shorten the ensuing break.


* The meanings of color codes are as shown below: