Journal of Visual Languages and Sentient Systems

Volume 1, August 2015

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Regular Papers:

Nurcan Gecer Ulu and Levent Kara, "Generative Interface Structure Design for Supporting Existing Objects"

Gennaro Costagliola, Mattia De Rosa and Vittorio Fuccella, "Fast prototyping of visual languages using local context-based specifications"

Castellano Giovanna, Fanelli Anna Maria and Torsello Maria Alessandra, "Incremental indexing of objects in pictorial databases"

Gennaro Costagliola, Mattia De Rosa and Vittorio Fuccella, "RankFrag: A Machine Learning-Based Technique for Finding Corners in Hand-Drawn Digital Curves"

Vincenzo Del Fatto, Vincenzo Deufemia, Luca Paolino and Sara Tumiati, "WiSPY: A Tool for Visual Specification and Verification of Spatial Integrity Constraints"

Guoqiang Cai, "GO-Bayes Method for System Modeling and Safety Analysis"

Research Notes:

Fabio Pittarello, "3D Storytelling and Architecture: a Study at the Digital Humanities School"

Luca Greco, Francesco Colace, Vincenzo Moscato, Flora Amato and Antonio Picariello, "A Quick Survey on Sentiment Analysis Techniques: a lexical based perspective"