Chi Factors

Thick Tongue 舌胖或有齒痕

On the edge of your tongue, there are marks left by your teeth. This is because your tongue become fatty, and it was pressed by teeth. The picture below is a typical example of this factor. If your tongue looks like this, score 1, otherwise, score 5.

Fatty tongue with marks left by teeth

(Measurements: Analyze image of tongue for color change)

Fatigue 神疲乏力

Due to overuse of brain, the brain was lack of oxygen, you feel tired and don’t want to use your brain anymore. If you don’t want to do anything with your brain, score 1, in contrast, if you feel you are good to do anything with your brain, score 5

(Measurements: Analyze brain wave to detect fatigue)

Short Breath 少氣或懶言

Breath is weak and short, too tired to talk. If you feel your breath cycle is shorter than normal or cannot get enough oxygen from your breath, score 1. If you feel good with your breath, score 5.

(Measurements: Analyze SPO2 for lack of oxygen)

Weak Pulse 脈虛無力(弱、軟、濡)

Feeling weak, and do not want to do anything physically due to no strength. If you feel your body is weak, score 1, otherwise, score 5.

(Measurements: Analyze pulse for weak pulse)

Sweaty 自汗

Always sweaty but you do not have too much activities, wearing too much cloths, hot weather, or other reasons. If you feel sweaty but no obvious reason, score 1. If you don’t feel any spontaneous sweaty, score 5.

(Measurements: Analyze image of face to detect sweaty condition, or analyze moisture sensor reading)