DMSVLSS2017 Plenary Talk

Relaxed Functional Dependencies for Big & Multimedia Data Challenges

Professor Giuseppe Polese
Dipartimento di Informatica
Data Science and Technologies Laboratory
University of Salerno, Italy


While multimedia data have always been targeted as 'Big', hence advocating efficient techniques for large-scale data processing, with the advent of social networks and other modern applications the term 'Big' Data. and the many related challenges are becoming a main concern also in the context of Enterprise Information Systems, given the tremendous growth in the Volume of data (4300% estimated from 2009 to 2020), together with their Variety, and generation Velocity. In this scenario, since enterprise applications are evolving from the management of structured alphanumeric data only to a broader variety of unstructured data, especially those exchanged over social networks, past challenges and experiences in the context of multimedia data can contribute to solve several problems of big data management in Enterprise Information Systems. To this end, relaxed data dependencies, defined also to improve the organization of multimedia data, can be exploited to tackle several big data management issues. I will introduce and classify Relaxed Functional Dependencies, describe the available techniques to automatically discover them from data, and show some applications in the big data context, such as data cleansing, query relaxation, and view synchronization upon schema evolutions.

About the Speaker:

Giuseppe Polese is Professor of Computer Science at the University of Salerno, Italy, and Director of the Data Science and Technologies Laboratory. His research interests concern the areas of Data Science, Multimedia Databases and Web Engineering, with several interdisciplinary contributions to medical informatics and construction engineering. He has published about 100 papers, some of which in top scientific journals. He is an ACM and IEEE member, and member of the editorial boards of International Journal of Software and Knowledge Engineering (2007-present), area editor for Database and Decision Support Systems, and the Journal of Data Science and Engineering (2016-present). Previously, he was a project manager at the Italian Airspace Company, Alenia, consultant for several software firms, including Siemens, Olivetti, and Telecom Italia. He has directed several publicly funded research projects and projects with industry grants.