Bus Service from Airport to Hotel

A best-kept secret of Pittsburgh is that there is actually a convenient and inexpensive public bus service between Pittsburgh International Airport and downtown Pittsburgh. It runs from 4:30 am to 12 midnight. The bus fare is only $3.75 US dollars. Since the bus driver does not carry cash, you need to pay the fare in exact change. Therefore please exchange money to have petty cash available before boarding the bus.

Once you get your luggage, please take the airport exit with sign saying "publication transportation", and then turn left and walk to the very end of the terminal building. You will find a bus stop saying "28X". This is the bus you want to take. Usually the bus departs every half hour, so it will not be a long wait. The exact schedule is posted on the bus stop sign post. You can also print out the official route map.

The ride will take about thirty minutes to downtown Pittsburgh and forty minutes to Oakland (your destination). Please exit the bus at the stop for "Bigelow Blvd". From this exit you can walk to the hotel in less than five minutes. Please turn left and walk across the street (which is Fifth Ave.) to Bigelow, walk one short block and turn right. Wyndham hotel is right in front of you.

If you want to take 28X from the hotel to the airport, you can board the bus at the opposite side of the street where you disembark. The bus departs to the airport every half hour. The fare is also $2.50 dollars. Exact change is expected.