Best Papers and Presentations Awards

It is our pleasure to announce the SEKE2016 best papers and presentations awards. To be eligible papers must be presented at the SEKE2016 conference by one of the authors. The program committee will evaluate both the papers and the presentations. During the closing ceremony the winners of the first place, second place and third place awards will be announced. Winners will each receive an award certificate and also be invited to contribute an enhanced and improved version of the paper to the International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering.

A best demo award will also be granted by SEKE 2016 based on the poster/demo's innovation, technical contribution, and presentation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

SEKE2016 Conference Secretariat

First Place Award

Title: Efficiently Measuring an Accurate and Generalized Clone Detection Precision using Clone Clustering
Authored by: Jeffrey Svajlenko and Chanchal K. Roy
Presented by: Jeffrey Svajlenko

Second Place Award

Title: A Ranking-Oriented Approach to Cross-Project Software Defect Prediction: An Empirical Study
Authored by: Guoan You and Yutao Ma
Presented by: Guoan You

Third Place Award

Title: Using Frequent Closed Pattern Mining to Solve a Consensus Clustering Problem
Authored by: Atheer Al-Najdi, Nicolas Pasquier and Frederic Precioso
Presented by: Nicolas Pasquier

Best Poster/Demo Award

Title: Modeling and Analyzing Security Patterns Using High Level Petri Nets (D)
Authored by: Xudong He and Yujian Fu
Presented by: Xudong He