Best DMS/DET/VLC Papers and Presentations Awards

It is our pleasure to announce the DMS2016, DET2016 and VLC2016 best papers and presentations awards. To be eligible papers must be presented at the DMS/DET/VLC2016 conference and workshops by one of the authors. The DMS/DET/VLC program committees respectively will evaluate both the papers and the presentations. During the closing ceremony the winners will be announced. Winners will each receive an award certificate.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Conference Secretariat by E-mail:

DMS First Place Award

Title: Smart Home Control through Unwitting Trigger-Action Programming DMS-17
Authored by: Daniela Fogli, Matteo Peroni and Claudia Stefini
Presented by: Daniela Fogli

VLC First Place Award

Title: VisCFSM: Visual, Constraint-Based, Frequent Subgraph Mining VLC-26
Authored by: Jennifer Leopold, Nathan Eloe and Chaman Sabharwal
Presented by: Nathan W. Eloe

DET First Place Award

Title: Supporting Mobile Development Project-Based learning by Software Project and Product Measures DET-45
Authored by: Rita Francese, Carmine Gravino, Michele Risi, Giuseppe Scanniello and Genoveffa Tortora
Presented by: Rita Francese