Plan and Schedule for Proceedings/JVLC Special Issue

The Journal of Visual Languages and Computing (JVLC), which is indexed by SCI, EI, DBLP, Scopus and other indexers, will publish the entire proceedings of DMS/VLC/DET2014 as the December 2014 special issue of JVLC. The conference will first publish a preliminary proceedings available online only to authors and conference attendees. Papers will go through three rounds of reviews so that they can be further improved to meet the standard of JVLC. The formal proceedings/JVLC special issue will be available both in print and online. The plan and schedule is as follows:

1. Paper submission and first round of review will be the same as announced before. After first round of review, on June 1 submitted papers will be accepted as regular papers or short papers. Others will either be invited to be presented as posters or rejected. Authors are advised to improve papers and submit by June 25 (previously announced deadline). All accepted papers will be included in the preliminary proceedings. Although posters are not considered to be accepted papers, they will also be given one page in the preliminary proceedings. Therefore this part is the same as previously announced, except papers must be further improved when accepted. Page limits (8 for regular papers and 5 pages for short papers) must be strictly adhered to, especially since the special issue/proceedings is limited to 500 pages. Page format is 2-column format. We expect all papers to be presented at the conference/workshops. Unless specifically approved by the conference, papers that are not presented will not be included in the final proceedings.

2. Second round review will start shortly after revised papers are submitted, i.e. after June 25. The purpose of the second and third round reviews is not to reject a paper, but to help the author(s) make further improvements. On Aug 31 the second-round reviews are sent. Some papers may require further revision. Posters are given one paragraph, which will be edited together to become a section called "Notes on Ongoing Research" in the final proceedings. From Aug 31, the authors have until Sept 20 to prepare final manuscript following JVLC formatting templates and submit to JVLC website.

3. Between Sept 20 and Sept 30, the JVLC EIC, the general co-chairs, PC chair and co-chairs will do an in-house review of all accepted papers. This is not a detailed review but for quailty control purpose. At that time probably only a few papers will be required to make further improvements. The final paper is due on October 20. The JVLC EIC will do a final review. Although this may seldom happen, JVLC/Elsevier reserves the right to require further revisions on some papers if they still don't meet the standard and such papers may be postponed to be published in subsequent issues of JVLC.

4. Elsevier staff have from October 20 until November 30 to edit the special issue, which will be published both in print and online.

5. In order to get the formal proceedings published as special issue of JVLC in December 2014, all the paper submission and revision deadlines, paper length limits and revision requests must be strictly adhered to, and papers must be presented at the conference. Papers not meeting these requirements will not be included in the formal proceedings, unless explicitly approved by the conference.